Cesar Colina, Software Developer

I can build and scale your website

My expertise is Software Development with an emphasis on SEO, Performance and Growth

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My Skills

Front End Development

I can significantly enhance your website's user experience and visual appeal. By employing cutting-edge technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or frameworks like React/ Next, I can create responsive and engaging interfaces that captivate your audience. Intuitive navigation, seamless interactions, and optimized layouts are all hallmarks of my work, ensuring that visitors stay engaged and find what they need effortlessly.

Back End Development

My proficiency in back-end development with JavaScript holds the key to unlocking dynamic and robust features for your website. Through server-side scripting, database management, and API integrations, I can create a seamless and interactive experience for your users. By leveraging JavaScript's versatility, I ensure efficient data processing and real-time functionality. This translates to faster loading times and secure transactions.

Cloud Development

My expertise in cloud development with AWS and Azure can revolutionize your website's performance and scalability. By harnessing the power of these platforms, I can seamlessly migrate, host, and manage your web applications, ensuring high availability and reliability. This translates to reduced downtime, faster loading speeds, and the ability to handle increased user traffic. Additionally, I will optimize costs while maintaining top-notch security measures.


I can enhance your website's visibility and search engine rankings. By implementing targeted keywords, optimizing meta tags, improving site structure, and employing content optimization strategies, I can drive organic traffic to your site. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, I ensure that your website stays aligned with evolving search engine algorithms, resulting in sustained growth and increased online presence for your business.


By meticulously analyzing and fine-tuning elements such as page loading speed, image and code optimization, caching mechanisms, and responsive design, I can ensure your website loads quickly and efficiently across various devices. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also positively impacts search engine rankings, as speed and performance are key factors in ranking algorithms


By crafting and executing data-driven strategies, I aim to expand your customer base and increase conversions. Through A/B testing, user behavior analysis, and iterative improvements, I can identify what resonates best with your audience and fine-tune marketing campaigns accordingly. This iterative approach allows for continuous refinement, maximizing your ROI and uncovering new avenues for growth


I also teach online and share my knowledge with others.

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Git and Github

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Director of Engineering at Shutterstock

César is a true engineer. His approach to problem solving is palpable and infectious to those around him. Often times being the first to raise his hand to dive into something new or tackle an existing well-known issue, César wastes no time in gathering all the necessary context and brings his peers along for the ride... he's communicative and organized, well versed in his specialization and overall just a joy to work with.

Director of Application Development at Dynamicly

I have directly supervised Cesar for more than 2 years. Over his time with us, he has proved to be a reliable, well-skilled, highly autonomous and resourceful developer. He estimates his workload well and plans his time accordingly (a rare skill these days), and is he highly communicative whenever he faces any roadblocks or anything that might deviate him from schedule, which has made working with him a true pleasure.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Email: colinacesardaniel@gmail.com